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Domestic Violence Taking Over The Drama Industry



Domestic Violence Taking Over The Drama Industry.123
Women rights have always been a highlight globally. Pakistan, however, has been a little sceptical of women voicing out their concerns. The scepticism increases when it comes to domestic violence where women are asked to keep matters of the house in the house only.
Marking history, Fatima Sohail, wife of actor and singer Mohsin Abbas Haider filed an FIR against her husband. The FIR included charges of threats to kill as well as breach of trust. 
According to the FIR, Farah said Mohsin asked her for Rs5 million, which she borrowed from her father. She says he did not return it and instead demanded an additional Rs5 million. When she refused, he physically assaulted. Farah also accused Mohsin of beating, abusing, and assaulting her since the start of their marriage.
Fatima sohail beaten up pictures have gone viral over the internet and media. Mohsin, in his defense, is calling all the accusations baseless. The bruises that can be seen on the picture are named as makeup or accidental injuries by the actor.
His changing statements are something that has created a lot of questions in everyones mind. Stating that this marriage was a bad decision is raising a lot of uproars. 
On June 20, Fatima stunned everyone with a Facebook post accusing her husband of abuse. She said she caught Mohsin, with whom she had a son in May, cheating on November 26, 2018. (When I confronted him, instead of being embarrassed he started beating me. I was pregnant at that time, she wrote in a detailed Facebook post that chronicles the abuse. He pulled me [by the] hair, dragged me on [the] floor, kicked me several times, punched me [in the] face and threw me on the wall,) she wrote.
As a response, the actor invited Fatima to come to the police station and show the marks on her body. He said the police are not able to reach her as she has switched off her phone. 
(If she showed the police the evidence, they would arrest me on the spot,) he added.
He stated that media showed prejudice towards women who accuse men. (All crying women dont speak the truth,) he said, adding that Fatima was playing the WOMEN CARD. Mohsin highlighted the fact that his marriage never worked and said they had mutually realized that they were not compatible. (We married in the heat of the moment, but soon realized that we couldnot live together) , he said.
He agreed that they had arguments just like any other couple does, but he never raised hand on his wife.  When their marriage wasnot working, he said he decided to marry to someone else, this was something his wife did not take positively. 
(When I talked to Fatima about my second marriage, she said she wouldnot let that happen,) he added. 
Addressing the accusation made by his wife, he said (I have never disowned my son and regularly send hundred thousands of rupees to her) , adding that he paid her pregnancy bills as well.
As speculations go, the couple had parted ways shortly after marriage. Actor Mohsin denied such rumours though and stated that their marriage was an impulsive decision that soon crippled away. 
As retaliation, all his contracts have been cancelled and he has been disowned by media channels too. The case is still up in the court and only time will reveal the truth.

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