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Rahma Ali and Sibtain Khalid, breaking stereotypes



Rahma Ali and Sibtain Khalid, breaking stereotypes


Renowned singer and sister of a diva Iman Ali  Rahma Ali gave us some serious goals. Tying the knot in an unconventional way is becoming a trend in wedding.

Unlike the traditional brides Rahma wore a red ball gown while her husband wore a black tuxedo.

This wedding was nothing like you would expect. The bride wore white sneakers over her Red gown.

A very unconventional way of getting married this couple started off the event by dancing together for guest. The bride was all about confidence and was glowing.

Well the attire was not the only thing that was out of the ordinary but the wedding itself was a surprise too.

In an interview Rahma said Sibtain and I have known each other since 2009. We met through a mutual friend. Then we fell in love but it did not work out because I had to leave for acting job in Karachi. I came back to Lahore in 2014 and we were obviously still in love. He proposed and we got engaged in 2016. We were supposed to get married but that did not happen. We broke it off and were not in touch for two years.

Then we met again at our mutual friend wedding in March. Our old romance was rekindled Sibtain said he still wanted to marry me. I told him no but he made it happen. He suddenly proposed again and said if you are okay with it lets get married. This was the last week of March. He spoke to his sisters and my family and they told us that they would be really happy if we got married because we are meant to be together. And we actually were meant to be together.

As they say love is not something that can end overnight. Despite their wish of having a winter wedding the couple had a summer wedding.

What came as a surprise was that it was only a few months back that we saw Iman Ali getting married. In only a few months these lovebirds sealed the deal too.

Here is a picture of Iman Ali with her husband.

The wedding started off with a nikah at The Bahria Grand Mosque on April 19. This event as is full of traditions was organized in that way only. The bride Rahma ore a traditional gold gharara and jewelry.

The groom too matched the theme and wore a sherwani to match the outfit of his beautiful wife.

The nikah event then was followed by a reception where Raham wore a scarlet ball gown that she designed herself.

Wearing sneakers is becoming more of a norm where the brides break a common stereotype. Choosing comfort over look Rahma carried her look really well.

Looking amazing both days this couple definitely gave us some goals. Be it a traditional nikah or an uncontemporary reception the couple knocked each event out of the park.

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