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Summer weddings

If you are going to plan your loved ones wedding in summer season you need to make a check list of things to be done before wedding. Wedding is an occasion that can happen in any season. Summer weddings are not easy to manage as temperature rises too much that one cannot enjoy. But still many marriages are held in summers without keeping in mind about hot weather. In Pakistan the hot summer season last for 6 to 8 months so that many weddings are summer weddings. From wedding venue to bridal dress all has to be arranged according to the season.

We have gathered some important things to be done for summer weddings. Lets have a look

Wedding Venue

It is the season of outdoor fun you can do much more fun in summer wedding. For outdoor wedding hire a good wedding planner that makes all wedding arrangements according to hot weather. Try to book your wedding venue at least 3 months before the wedding and make sure the venue you choose is suitable for  cooling car parking additional resources so your event occur properly in hot weather.


For summer event it is important to choose menu according to mood. Consider the menu that is not so heavy not so spicy dishes. Fresh juices and drinks are best idea for summer wedding menu.

Beat the heat on your special day

Do proper cooling arrangement especially plan for chillers and coolers in order to cope up with warmer temperature.

Bridal dress

Every season is linked with colors like in winter you can wear dark and lively colors in summers you need to choose light and cool colors. If you are getting married in summers then it means that it is a time to wear light colored dresses. Getting married in hot season is not easy at all specifically for brides who have to put a lot of makeup heavy dress and jewellery. Keep in mind the type of fabric select a bridal dress that gives you fresh and elegant look. Consider white dusty green peach and blue color for your big day.

Groom dress

Same are the options for groom wear do not go for heavy sherwanis .Choose the one which coordinates with bridal dress and is of light color.

Floral arrangement

Floral decoration will add extra charm in summer season wedding. Try to make arrangement of fresh flowers all around stage dinner tables and welcome area. Keep these flowers in ultra cool area before the event. It does not only look beautiful to the eyes but add romantic element to your wedding style.

Tips and tricks for summer bride

Carrying a perfect look for brides in summer is too difficult. Especially make over and hair style. Makeup and hair do can be ruined due to heat and high temperature. Choose the best salon and tell them to use good foundation so that your makeover has capacity to be all set in spite of sweating. Brides must have a makeup kit with themselves to fix the makeover in summer heat. These tips will be helpful for both day and night time summer weddings.

Dress selection as a guest

What to wear for attending the wedding event of your friend or loved one. All you need to do is to choose formal dress that is trendy and fancy too. Do not go for heavy kaam wala dress for summer wedding. Wear light color embroider chiffon or silk fabrics which are best suited for summer weddings.

Jewelry selection

We suggest you not to wear heavy jewelry. Light weight beats preferably pearls and kundan jewelry as heavy weight jewelry is not meant for summer season.

Wedding photography

Select an outdoor shooting venue for couple photo shoot. This will add beauty in pictures and wedding video.

Embrace the fresh relax and peaceful atmosphere for summer wedding in your event setup. Look for opportunities to introduce unique and remarkable ideas for your summer wedding special day.

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