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Budget wedding

Planning a big wedding on a small budget feels like a nightmare. But if proper planning is done one can manage the wedding event without unnecessary stress. First thing to consider while planning a budget for wedding is to consider organization and communication. Communication is the key you need to discuss with your family members about who is going to spend money and for what. Generally the brides parents cover most of the expenses their daughter. Later comes the contribution of brides brother and relatives.

Set priorities

In order to make your wedding stress free it is important to consider which elements of the event are most important and which are less meaningful. For some people the wedding menu and drinks are on top priority. Others want music with dance floor and striking photographs. Some want large scale wedding with a lot of guests to be invited. So it is all about preferences however you can skip the elements which are unnecessary and making you out of budget.

Keep record of your spending

Keep record of receipts and spending so that you have idea about your remaining budget. It will give you idea about how much you have left to spend on other stuff. Secondly this will work like an alarm that does not go beyond your budget. If you do not do this you will be left without money.

Wedding budget calculator

 Download a budget calculator app to keep record of your spending. It will help you to track wedding cost. Follow the check list and mark the things you have bought.

Do not rent a hall

Booking a wedding hall for your ceremony and reception can be very expensive. Instead consider using your own home or relatives place for your wedding function or a public park with a beautiful view.

In this case you can enjoy your outdoor reception creating a picturesque memorable event while eliminating the cost of renting a hall.


Do proper planning and try to have a wedding on a budget it is essential to plan ahead. Make list of everything and go through these items step by step. Anything can happen at last moment to avoid hasten prepare everything before time.

Involve friends and relatives

You can think about cheap wedding ideas that help you to save some money and effort. What if you involve your friends and cousins in wedding prepration.They might have some good ideas and skills that may help you. For example your friend has good designing skills and a printer that help you to create beautiful invitations card for wedding. It will cost you nothing instead of buying wedding cards from a professional company this will not only save your money but this thing will add uniqness and creativity to the style of invitation cards. Besides if a brides friend is make up expert or a good hair stylist she can definitely help her to get ready for big day. This will save your spending and also let you enjoy a customize look of your choice.

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