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Beautiful Mehndi traditions (Rasams) in Pakistani weddings



Beautiful Mehndi traditions (Rasams) in Pakistani weddings

If you are a citizen of Pakistan or live in the Pakistani community, then you are probably well aware of vexatious Mehndi rasams (cultural traditions) of Pakistani wedding. A wedding in Pakistani culture not only involve the union of two people, but the wedding ceremony involves two families with different customs and traditions. Many people take part in wedding preparations including best guiders (sisters and brothers of bride and groom), the expert individuals (khalaas and phophos), the executant (typical aunties) and most prominent (bachelor and close friends). The most entertaining and captivating occasion is of Mehndi or Maayun and it is said that mehndi is a function of girls. Most boys do not know about mehndi customs and rituals. Pakistani wedding is full of entertaining and amusing rasams that are accomplished with great zeal.

Let us explore some of the Pakistani wedding Mehndi Rasams along with what it indicates:

1: Ubtan ceremony:

This custom is usually held for bride’s fresh skin and roop on her face for a big day. Ubtan is the paste of gram flour and turmeric. It is considered as old desi totkaa for a fresh and glowing skin. Bridesmaids apply Ubtan mixture on hands and feet and oil brides hair with mustard oil for healthy hair. The bride-to-be skin is covered with ubtan and hair is oiled, so that she looks fresh on her big day of life.

2: Mehndi Mayun Rasam no makeup:

Another big rasam that is considered for bride to be is to leave her makeup-free on Mayun function. So that she look best on her wedding day.

3: Yellow colored dresses:

Few days before the wedding the bride-to-be wears yellow dresses, this shows that she is getting married soon. Now she does not take part in house chores and the bride is free from all the responsibilities. This time is dedicated to her family, friends and relatives.

4: Mehndi: Floral Jewelry:

Fresh flowers are a colossal part of any Pakistani wedding. A beautiful part of Mehndi is to embellish the bride with fresh flower jewelry. Close friends of bride take turns to adorn bride with pieces of flower jewelry. Flower jewelry is not only the sign of beauty but it shows that you do not really wear gold jewelry until your Baarat.

5: Saath Suhagan and Mithai ki Rasam: (Feeding sweets)

Another important section of Mehndi is Saath suhagan and Methai ki rasam. Relatives and friends take some mehndi and apply it on decorative leaf which is laid out on the hands of bride or groom and feed them sweets or Methai. The Saath suhagan rasam show that married couples apply mehndi and feed sweets to pass on their marital happiness to bride and groom.

6: Chori ki Mehndi:

 This occasion mostly takes place in KPK weddings when a groom or bride family goes to one another house without informing. The bride or groom family welcomes the guest with great zeal. They bring mehndi thaals, sweets and fruits as a sign of love for a couple family.

7: Dholki:

Although it is old tradition and now this event is no longer part of mehndi. Nowadays loud music and dances have left far behind the old dholki event. But we think nothing makes a mehndi feel charming than singing classic mehndi songs on dholak. Mostly women and young girls participate in dholak session along with high pitched wedding songs.

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