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Bridal dresses trend in 2018 other than RED



3 Colored wedding dresses brides in 2018 can wear other than red

Pakistani weddings and red bridal dresses have been a common trend that no longer excites the bride. This has made brides go into a deep confusion where all of them today demand “Kuch Naya Karo” from the well-known Pakistani designers. Despite the fact that there are multiple red shades, getting a bit away from the red tradition is what can add a touch of personality and tons of modernity to the bride


Even the bride in “tenu Kala chashma chachda hai” wore red and finally justifies the tradition that worldwide Asian professional fashion designers follow to an extent.

Want to say goodbye to the traditional red wedding dresses??

On your big day, hey you beautiful, remember that you hold all the rights to feel special, look beautiful and this is why we have come up with bright wedding dresses ideas that can be considered as perfect, flawless and glamorous in every manner.

For the beauties, the game of colors will never come to an end. Fashion designers across Asia have excellently blended the colors with their creativity. These are showcased during the fashion shows and runways. A refreshing look at the bride makes her excited.

“Let the game of color begins at your wedding”

v  Gold 

      Gold became one of the dominant colors in the latest fashion week by the popular designers. It became a great idea for the upcoming brides as the color became the center of attraction. Red and gold outfits inspired the majority who are bound to follow their traditions. Gold shirts with red lehenga inspire the tradition.

                          So hey beauties “carry yourself the best with a touch of gold to the tradition”.

 v  Dusty rose or Tea pink

If a fairy-tale wedding is your dream, you can get no other better option than getting your design out of dusty rose color since the color is defined as a head turner.

 v  Pastel or champagne

Pastel, champagne or light golden wedding dresses are oh- so- special colored dresses that can assist you roast and toast your wedding night. We consider it perfect for celebrations

  v  Peach and dim green

       Despite the fact that the Khuda Mera Bhi Hai on-screen character took the conventional course for her previous couple of occasions, Aisha jettisoned the red and went for a vigorously embellished peach troupe for her wedding function.

 At her Valima, which was the remainder of the capacities, Aisha was wearing a gold and dim green outfit, making a decent complexity. Her dupatta was altogether nitty gritty with gota work

 Wedding dresses ideas have to take place at least 6 months earlier because “you know Pakistani darzi’s”. Either you intend to wear lehenga choli, saree or a wedding gown, the choice of color actually matters. Beautify yourself and make yourself appear like a fairy in an elegantly- designed wedding dress. Book your order with the known suppliers before they get reserved!



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